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Used for hunting in North America as early as the 17th century, the Harrier was developed in England to hunt hare in packs. Because this smaller version of the English Foxhound works at a slower pace, the pack could be followed on foot rather than horseback.


Outgoing and friendly, as a working pack hound the Harrier must be able to get along well with other dogs

Activity Level

The Harrier can work tirelessly, for long periods, no matter the terrain. He needs daily exercise, but because of his desire to run and follow his nose, must kept be on leash or enclosed in a safe area.


Males and females stand 19-21 in (48-53 cm) at the withers.


The coat is short, dense, hard and glossy with a brush of hair on the underside of the tail.


The Harrier can be any colour.


A weekly rubdown with a hound mitt will suffice.

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